A Python Package for creating backdoors!



But but but muh f'~~~{strings}~~~'. I would argue they are way more convenient than 'something'.encode('hex') :wink:

(John) #22

Cool new feature arriving probably today!
It’s gonna take the working hours options to the next level…

Let’s stomp those Behavioral Network Filters by being too Behavioral

(John) #23

Take a look at: https://github.com/operatorequals/covertutils/blob/master/covertutils/handlers/dateable.py

It makes the backdoor NOT respond at all (yet evaluate all input) on:

  • non-working hours
  • Weekends (you get to choose which days are weekends)
  • Holidays (Christmas and New Years Eve are defaults, can be expanded)
  • Easter Holidays (you can disable it, as a lot of countries do not have Easter)

Defaults are set and refer to Europe’s standards.

Everything gets evaluated at backdoored host’s local date and time so no need to estimate timezones. 9-5 means 9-5 for wherever your backdoor’d host resides in the world…

Couple that with a Reverse HTTP shell and…

(Full Snack Developer) #24

Before I start on super serious PRs, you mind me setting you up with PyFlakes and Bandit on TravisCI so you can do style checks and some simple static analysis?

(John) #25

In my opinion style checks come last and are the least needed. But anything that can help debugging and that Py2/3 compatibility is more than welcome!

See you on github!

(Full Snack Developer) #26

Reasonable people can differ, but as someone who has maintained code for a while, style is a “do as you go” thing. It’s a lot easier to do it right as you add new code than to go back and fix it later.

(John) #27

I see. The thing is that I don’t like the pep8 a whole lot. The snake_case in functions is something I hate for example, I prefer camelCase for functions and CapitalizedNames for classes.
So, I am not really planning to fully follow the pep8. The new line policies and the import order are really good directives though.

Let me handle the code, as I want the packages API to follow the principle of least surprise on names and symbols in general. Also changing method names now will fuck many things up badly (like some presentations).

So yeah! Let’s write compatibility and functionality code!

(Full Snack Developer) #28

flake8 doesn’t give two craps about your variable, class, or function names (thankfully, or else I’d be in trouble too). It checks to see if the code can compile/run and if you have spacing/indentation/etc. issues.

Bandit checks for known, obvious security and optimization issues.

(John) #29

Do your magic then! See you on the other side!

Glad you are not a criticizing moron about the pep8.

Python module/package importing through HTTP/S