AI - to create complex and new code, its limits and your opinion?

Hello everybody,

as I went through texts and messages via discord, I got attentive to AI tools in the programming section. Here are some examples of tools:

  • DeepCode, looking for ways to improve code and for example get better efficiency
  • YouCode, as a Search Engine for complicated tasks
  • Copilot, as an automated code finisher, usable in many different programming languages

Basically all of these will create you a finished code in whatever programming language you like or select/help you finish/improve your code.

The last one caught my interest immediately because it has an own Github site and demands money for its use.

Interestingly they show that they have certain weaknesses e.g. when using code or wanting them to write fully new and custom code, suitable your taste like Morris did with his worm, meaning it lacks creativity. Another point is that it can not provide suggestions for new codebases:

“GitHub Copilot is trained on public code. When a new library, framework, or API is released, there is less public code available for the model to learn from. That reduces GitHub Copilot’s ability to provide suggestions for the new codebase. As more examples enter the public space, we integrate them into the training set and suggestion relevance improves. In the future, we will provide ways to highlight newer APIs and samples to raise their relevance in GitHub Copilot’s suggestions.”

  1. What do you guys think is their limit?
  2. What is your opinion on these tools, especially Copilot?


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Their limit is the amount of code provided in public. As stated, if the APIs are new it won’t be able to learn them very well.

I guess it doesn’t really have limits besides the new libraries or the fact that the AIs itself are pretty new.

I sometimes use ChatGPT to find errors in my code, but I wouldn’t say it’s functional to write proper code from scratch. I’d rather write the code myself, unless I need help with something specifically.

You can use AI for basic programming tasks right now, but it will take time until you can use it for more complex things.

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since The chatgpt came , I had couple of questions in my mind , Can AI replace cyber security specialists (hackers),if so how long would it take to do so
, in regards to your questions , ill be back after trying those tools you mentioned
nice topic with a lot to say in discussions.

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