An introduction to Google Dorking

Hello everyone. Did you know that there is a useful tool for information gathering and recon right in your Chrome browser? Meet Google Dorking a way of searching for files or keywords in specific websites to find admin portals, unprotected files, logins, and more! Today I will teach you some basic “commands” for this tool.

how to find filetypes on a specific website or keyword
Using this you can find filetypes or names in a certain website. This can sometimes expose password lists, logins, and important files. To do so input this syntax: filetype:log or filetype:pdf or site: ext:pdf

Show all subdirectories or subpages in a website
You can use this feature to find hidden pages or just get a more detailed view of a site

site:domainname or site:https//domainname/

find a specific text result in a webpage
You can use a command like this to find login pages or info in the site or the sites source code

intext:usernames or allintext:"username" "password"

This was a tutorial on some simple Google Dorking commands. I hope that you find this helpful and have a great week!


P.S If you have any notes or commands to add, please comment down below!


Nice information… Any more ?

Actually, they’re called “Google Search Operators” and you can look them up on Google Search Central. I think there are 42 operators in total. As CKjones already explained, these operators allow to get more precise and faster search results. Also there is the Google Advanced Search which uses these operators and enables a better search.

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Thanks for the extra info!

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