Antivirus Behaviour Detection

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Im new here on this forum and im sorry for my bad English. I learned to code in Python and i did manage to create a Backdoor that is undetected by all Antivirus. The Backdoor will create a folder \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Defender\Tools. In this folder it will copy itself and add a shortcut to the Startup folder. But there is a Problem, if the User restarts his Pc and the Backdoor starts, the Antivirus will detect it because of it‘s behaviour. I realy love it to code although im not that good in it. But im at a Point where my Research at Google and in this Forum doesn‘t give me new Infos. If you could help me i would be so thankful. Im testing this Backdoor at my Cousins Pc with his Permission. Right now im at work and can‘t post my Script here but if you guys wan‘t to see it i will post it. Im very thankful for any help.


i have only one method which is powershell.86x coding, which is called obfuscation, and this is clew for u if u can understand this clew :slight_smile:

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Ty for your Answer. I did manage to get it work. Just did a second exe in the Autostart Folder and let it open my Program.

hello guys , how can i make a thread in this section ?

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