Application wont start after unpacking .dll file (Enigma Protection)

So i had x3 files .exe with Enigma vm protection , and an .dll with Enigma protection v4.0 .
Removed the vm protection all good game was runing , removed .dll protection after a script in olly and dump with MegaDumper.
After that i replaced the original .dll with the new one but the thing wont start its giving me Application error 0x500000c and sometimes nothing just isnt starting. (Fix PE headers ? Huh ? what ? explain. Am googling it in the meantime, am not lazy )
Yes i know wohoo this guy wants to screw a game xD i do it for learning purposes and for the lulz.
So if you dont mind helping me out id appreciate it big time.
Tips are welcomed. Thank you for your time and sorry for my english i hope i was understood.

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