Bi-Monthly 0x00sec CTF Exercises - #2 Release!

If you’re an initiated 0x00er, you’ll know that we’ve recently started doing Bi-monthly 0x00sec CTF exercises, that means once every 2 weeks, we’re releasing a new easy exercise.

The idea is that the challenges are short, easy, and fun enough to play before your workday or a quick evening bite-sized exercise.

For now, it’s just Web, but forensics and crypto is coming soon!

Today we’re shock-dropping the second challenge, this a fun one, and another exercise found in a real-life webapp pentest I performed a couple of years ago.

You’re going to enjoy this one :stuck_out_tongue:

If you aren’t already registered:

Good luck!


Nice easy one - good confidence boost!


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Feeling like a master :slight_smile:


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