Black screen Kali 2.0


so like the title say i have problems with my kali linux system it always worked great but now it letting me down.
so i have a dual booted linux. and it always worked great just till now so when i boot it ik got a black screen with a white indent.
can please somebody help .

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Can you boot to the other OS or is it not booting at all?

Is it bringing you to a boot menu? or are you in Kali just without the GUI?

Sounds like GRUB or the MBR is toast.
You have a USB/DVD/CD/BR/FLOPPY/TAPE/ZIP/ETC in the slot/drive.


I can boot just to windows

Try putting in the Kali live USB/CD, and selecting boot existing disk.

In the case it’s grub, get a live cd with any linux version on it.
(try lubuntu or something).
when in lubuntu, sudo su - root
mkdir /mnt/kali
mount /dev/sdyX /mnt/kali (y being either a or b, X being the number your root partition is on of your Kali install).
chroot /mnt/kali
grub-installer or grub-install, dunno, auto-finish with tab
might be that its grub-install /dev/sdy (same y as ealrier (probably its a).


ihope so gone try it soon let you know if it worked :slight_smile:

edited: i have tried it with kali 2.0 to boot it live didnt work now i need to download and burn unbuntu to much work does it gone work if i reinstall it ?

Can you rephrase that?
Because if it is too much work I’m afraid I can’t help you.

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i didnt had really important stuff on it so i reainstall kali :slight_smile:

If you can get a hold of Kali linux 1.1.0a that is efficient enough for your needs. As for kali 2.0 on my install I had to modify the grub boot loader to turn off nouveau as it conflicted with my graphics card. You can try that by hitting tab or e at the boot loader, and at the end of the text just add nouveau.modest=0. If that does not work then there could be any number of reasons but if the graphics option is your fix awesome. Btw we’re u able to install via a live session? If you get stuck follow this guide for disabling nouveau:

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