[Book] Google hacking for penetration testers


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Google hacking for penetration testers

By Jhonny Long, Bill Gardner and Justin Brown

Download here - Link by whatskrakan_01 without monetization. Didn’t think about it, just saw it on a site and paste here, my bad.


Thanks, looks interesting!

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Actually, please don’t. That’s what the like button is for :wink:
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You’re right, man. My bad.


Hey dude, I see you posted it behind an pay-per-click link, mistakes happen, here, I’ll post the book so the users of this site don’t have to go through that crap, here’s the link to the book. Link

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Sorry. Just trying to help. Just found it and paste it here


Hey dude, no problem, I see people try to do this all the time on chans and stuff and it always annoyed me because they are trying to make a small amount of money by including several extra steps to get the book, a book they got for free most of the time.

Join us on IRC sometime, we share books from time to time.

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