[BOT] EDU Email Creator Bot

I am sharing this bot cause I found this bot very useful in creating .edu email.

This bot can automatically fill-up the university form for you. I feel that the form is very lengthy and filling up every time can be frustrating. Though you have to do the captcha filling yourself.


  1. This bot uses this - https://tempr.email/en/ - service to provide the emails. you can visit the link and put in your email to open the mailbox.
  2. The Crafton Hills university will work best. But it does not accept temp emails. So at the end of the form close the bot and use and email you like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
  3. Your .edu mail is not 100% guaranteed. But It will help automate the process. It’s up to you to figure out how-to-use the bot.


  1. Install Firefox
  2. Geckodriver (Included in package)
  1. Python 3, PIP and Selenium(python -m pip install selenium)

For those who might not know the benefits of .edu email:-

  1. Free amazon prime for 6 months
  2. Unlimited Google Drive (most useful of pirates like you and me)
  3. Google apps for education
  4. Discounted Adobe CC
  5. Microsoft dreamspark
  6. Autodesk software’s
  7. Github student developer pack
  8. Mindsumo
  9. Office 365
  10. Apple Music 50% off
  11. Spotify 50% off
  12. Discounts on Dell products
  13. Discounts on Lenevo products

If anyone has knowledge of python and automation you are free to improve the bot by adding your own code. Tell me if you do that.

Link - Download .


Open - tempr mail(link provided above)
Enter the email address you provided. you should have received 2 emails. Whether you get the .edu email or not is completely up to the management(takes up to 2 days). I tried with Sacramento and the second one but didn’t work. I tried with Crafton hills(with Gmail, you have to edit the email at the end just before the application is submitted. And it got accepted… read the original post)

**This bot does not provide a .edu email but helps you fill the form without going through the pain of going to fake name provider and fake email provider so keep that in mind.**

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Please use github to share code :slight_smile:

Also - is this illegal?

Ok I understand. Don’t know if it is illegal. Kind of in the gray region

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