C# Scanning Project

A C# scanning project?!

Yeah i know C#… A odd programming choice, but I am doing this for a University project. The project brief is to create a Windows desktop application in either UWP or WPF.

I started this degree as my lack of development skills was holding me back, what have I learnt… that i suck at programming.

I have just started this project and I am looking for some assistance and guidance as this is a bit of a step up from last year.

The idea of the project is that my network scanner will scan a class C network for live hosts and then conduct a port scan. Think Nmap… if it was really really shit. I cant see this tool being used by the community, due to 1. This is made by an amateur and 2. there wont be as much functionality.

Now I would like to add some enumeration stuff in, but as I have to hand it in this around November time it is unlikely that i will be able to do this.


*Finish off navigation UI – Cant seem to go to my other dynamic pages.

*Scanner – Absolutely no idea where to start on the scanner, seen loads of stuff online for multiple programming languages and for a console use, but nothing that could help me on a GUI desktop design.

I have been using GitHub here: https://github.com/W4KEY/WpfRecon.

Any advice, links, ideas, codes snips would be very welcome.

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That should be a pretty fun project. I like c# a lot actually. The GUI design should be pretty easy but I would look at examples of port scanners (here’s one I found, and here’s another). I’d imagine you just arrange the initial scan however you like and then run the live hosts through the scans in a loop. The system.net namespace will probably be quite handy. I’d also consider what platform they want this to run on, as that will matter for you choosing either UWP or WPF.

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Thanks for the response.

So i have seen the two examples you have provided, but they are console based and require a lot of customisation. I started on the Github link you provided but it was so heavily customised i could not get it to work.

So the other interesting thing on this project… UWP has blocked ICMP! so as part of the system.net networking library there is no ping… it is not officially documented anywhere, looks like Microsoft didn’t want any scanners on their marketplace. Due to this I went with WPF.

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If I was you - I’d focus on trying to do something that distinguishes this from other scanners.

Maybe a way to plot results out on a map, or a tree view, visualising results with contextual information like ipinfo, shodan, greynoise, and application fingerprinting using the wappalyzer api.

There is a lot of stuff that scanners like Unicornscanner and Nmap don’t provide. I’d love to see that in an application, even as a PoC.


Probably don’t. Focus on getting a basic, minimal working product before adding features. If you’re not used to programming, you may end up spending a lot of time coding poor implementations and design patterns. You might also end up wanting or having to re-code different parts for better code reuse or optimisation.


Some great ideas here, thanks!

In the first instance I will have to agree on @dtm and focus on my basic minimum requirements… this way I at least will get a pass.

I do however like the idea of adding a map and perhaps using some api’s!

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