Community Code Repository

I briefly saw yesterday the message announcing the availability of a community code repository at github.

That is great, but I have a couple questions/comments:

  1. It would be nice if somebody provides a disclaimer template so, all of us use the same and we do not waste time figuring out what to write there.
  2. The expected workflow will be same that for posting?. At first glance it looks a bit cumbersome to do two pull request and forking another repository.

Well, looking forward to hear what do you think!


True, it does seem a bit to cumbersome to do that. Of course this site is in its first stages so it needs all the improvement it can get. Thanks for the post! :slight_smile:

Oh sorry for the confusion :stuck_out_tongue:

The original repo is to be used as normal.

This new repo is for tutorial code, not post markdown, so I noticed you posted the code you used for your tutorial in your own github repo, you can push it here.

For example you would put your client & server code in C in a folder in this repo. It just helps keep it all consolidated really.

I’d add that you still retain ownership of the code you write. You should license with MIT license or something open source.

Thanks pry0cc,

I think you should decide on some kind of structure. I mean, will this repo only contain tutorials code, or may we expect some community development of special tools?.. or what if we organize a Hackaton as it was proposed at NB some time ago?..

I will wait, at least, for that disclaimer proposal from you guys, before pushing anything. In the meantime people can get the code for my posts from my repo