Comparing Operating Systems for Pen Testing

Hello everyone, today we will overview some pen testing operating systems and try to find which one is best.

#1 Kali Linux
It is one of the top hacking operating systems and comes with more than 600 preconfigured penetration-testing programs. Both Windows and Mac OS support this OS. It is available in both x64 and x32 bits and supports USB booting as well as Virtualbox.

#2 Parrot OS
Parrot OS is a hacking platform. A user-friendly editor is available for program development. You can browse the web safely and discreetly with this platform. Parrot OS can be used by hackers for a variety of tasks, including vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, computer forensics, and more. It also uses tor nodes for added security as well as being extremely lightweight.

#3 Black Arch
BlackArch is a free Linux-based platform that includes a large selection of tools for networking, automation, and other areas. It is an operating system that is open-source and was made specifically for security analysts and penetration testers. I use this distro because of its large selection of tools that rival that of Kali Linux.

#4 CAINE Linux
A distro called CAINE, which runs out of Ubuntu, offers a full forensic environment with a graphical user interface. This operating system can be added as a module to already installed software applications. One of the better-operating systems for digital forensics is this one since it automatically pulls a timeline out of RAM. Another cool thing is that it has a variety of advanced tools, but also has a friendly UI.

This is my list of the best security distros. If you are in the process of choosing a pen testing os or looking to get a new one I hope this helps.



I liked Kali 'till 2019.3. After that it had many issues.
Parrot I like because it’s very stable.
I love Arch!!! But the big selection of tools can be confusing. So I build my own just with the tools I like. :wink:
But you can also check out Cyborg Linux CYBORG HAWK LINUX - Based on Ubuntu.
or CSI Linux CSI Linux: Linux-Based Operating System - HackerSploit Forum - A Community Of Hackers & Security Professionals

black arch is best. i hate kali linux

Genuine question: Do you all actually enjoy getting pre setup OSs for hacking?
Asking because I used to go for Kali (out of lazyness, not necessarily because I could pinpoint any benefits) but sort of drop it eventually as I gained more knowledge in favour of setting up things the day I wanted. Also realised most of the time I pretty much just needed a proxy / curl lol

happy to hear your thoughts


Personally, I do enjoy it a lot. I cannot say the same for other people though.