Conference Meetups

If anyone is attending a conferences it’d always be a great opportunity to meet some 0x00ers in the wild.

Let’s use this thread to let people know what conferences we will be attending and how to get in contact.


I’m at Bsides Bristol! Could we turn this thread into an all-in-one conference meetup thread?

Defcon? Bsides (anywhere)? It would be awesome for other 0x00er’s to meetup!

Sounds good man. Ill start.

Where: InfosecEurope and BSides in London
When: June 4-6th
Contact: PM/DM me on here

Chances are low, but

Where: Hacktivity in Budapest
When: October 25-26th
Contact: @ me (or dm) on twitter


Super unlikely, but BSides Delhi anyone? Happening this October 11th. DM me here or on Twitter.


Oh no! Just joined the community and missed an opportunity. Perhaps I can catch you at DC4420.


Will be there bro. :wink:


I’ll be at SteelCon this year but that’s the only one I’ll be at I think.

Damn nice. What’s your Twitter @?

Can’t we all just meet at a bar?

In all seriousness… Boston seems like a nice city and it is a $10 train ticket away from where I live. So if anyone knows of any ‘conferences’ in Boston, hit me up.

Some events in Europe?

If you are in London this Tuesday check out I Will be there, Fat bloke in a blue suite (leaving straight from work) eating a burger and having a pint.

It will be pleasure to meet you @W4K3Y, but I’m not from UK.

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Anyone coming to BSides Istanbul?

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That’s a good shout. I attend this, OWASP and ORG meetups in London. So if anyone does them hmu

Will have to be next month tho @W4K3Y because I’m away


Where: Bsides Cardiff
When: 28 Sept 2019
Contact: PM/DM me on here or Twitter

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That’s a real shame! I will move somethings around to try and make it next next month.

Also contemplating attending this:

Anyone at OWASP London?

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