Content Randomizing

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I’m interested in such a tool too.

As a desktop dev I don’t really understand what that would do, does it mean that the pages become unscrapable in a certain way ?


@lksprtnr that sounds useless

detecting a page?

detecting it how?

why do you wish to randomize the code?

couldnt you just make the class names etc random?

if you would really randomize the whole thing it would look garbage if it would even work i imagine

Basically you want to obfuscate your HTML right?
But what I don’t really understand is, what you mean with

to avoid detecting a page

How to detect?

The problem with obfuscating HTML code is, that … well you can’t really obfuscate it.

The HTML tags that define the structure can’t be changed, because the browser need to interpret them to render the page.

The text content: Well, … does not make much sense either, right? Especially if it’s a php script. That means it’s server sided so you will still get your content.

What you could do is obfuscating the text with the PHP script if you want to make some kind of preview like here