Creating vulnerable applications for memory corruption attacks

I am trying to create vulnerable applications to practice stack overflow , SEH vulnerabilities , but however I got this code. my main issue or struggling is how can I add SEH vulnerability to my code and pop a calculator? my original code it is vulnerable to stack overflow , but the the most action. it can be done is triggering jackpot() function , how can I fix it ?

int game(int user_pick) {
	int rand_pick;
	if ((user_pick > 0 && user_pick <= 32000)) {
		printf("Playing the game of chance..\n");
		rand_pick = (rand() % 32000) + 1;
		printf("You picked: %d\n", user_pick);
		printf("Random Value: %d\n", rand_pick);
		if (user_pick == rand_pick)
			printf("Sorry, you didn't win this time..\n");
	else {
		printf("You must pick a value from 1 - 32000\n");
		printf("Use help or -h for help\n");
		return 0;

int jackpot() {
	printf("You just won!\n");
	return 0;

void foo(char* input) {
	int(*function_ptr) (int user_pick);
	char buffer[20];
	function_ptr = game;
	strcpy(buffer, input);
	if ((!strcmp(buffer, "help")) || (!strcmp(buffer, "-h"))){
		printf("Help Text:\n\n");
		printf("This is a game of chance.\n");
		printf("To play, simply guess a number 1 through 32000\n");
		printf("If you guess the number I am thinking of you win.\n");

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
	if (argc < 2) {
		printf("Usage: %s <a number 1 - 32000>\n", argv[0]);
		printf("use %s help or %s -h for more help.\n", argv[0], argv[0]);
	return 0;

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