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Hi fellas,

I’m currently building a setup more or less dedicated to cryptanalysis, bruteforce, … Well, in two words, a bloody calculator :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

However, according to benchmarks , I didn’t see any differences between the i5 6600 and the i7 6700 … Which of them do you think will be the better tradeoff for my usage ?

Moreover, due to the fact that cracking tools rely, for most of them, on the GPU, I’m wondering if it would be relevant to buy a skylake processor and I doubt about the utility of the OC.

Thanks for your inputs.


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GPU cracking > bear in mind that not all algorithms can be cracked over a GPU (bcrypt, AFAIK).

I would recommend going with i7’s. Im drawing my conclusions from personal ffmpeg clustered transcoding tests (mathematics are different than cracking, but load and throughput could be taken as pointers) where i7’s performed way better than i5’s in general.
Plus, if your budget permits, going with i7’s will yield a better ROI over time, IMHO.

Gl hf with calculator building! =)

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Thanks for your input mate, but what do you think about OC ? Is it relevant ? My budget is quite unlimited ahaha however, skylake processors require a well more expensive motherboard :slight_smile:


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OC = you mean overclocking?

IME, no general rule, depends heavily on the whole setup you have. During the tests I made, kept 'em at stock, 'cause ITX boards were used with minimal internal cooling, so I don’t have any specific i7 pointers to give.

Look into SuperMicro boards, good bang for buck and reliable. Will play nicely with i7’s and won’t kill ur budget. [And don’t let their '97 webpage design turn you away instantly =) ]

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Ahah I agree on the fact that their webpage design is awful af ^^ Yep, I will check this out ! Cheers !


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I’ve always thought that cores are really important for this kind of thing, GPUs especially have a lot of cores often, so that they can mutli-thread lots and lots.

I would suggest using a GPU, perhaps having a badass cluster with Nvidia cards in SLI or something xD

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It’s already planned :wink: However, a crossfire AMD with the new rx480 is more affordable and provides better perfs in term of calculation than NVIDIA which is more dedicated to gaming purpose.



Good idea on that one! Hope it turns out well!


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For the CPU: What’s about an XEON processor. If you only use it for your Bruteforcing, calculating, etc. it will be enough. But don’t forget: They haven’t got an IGPU . You must buy an DGPU, but I can’t say much about this topic.


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