Cyberpunk Future

Does anyone here believe that a future cyberpunk world will be possible in maybe a 100 Years or more. I’m referring to the world as being very highly technologically advanced in most or almost every country. Some countries already are at a very high technological stage such as China for example. Let me guys know what you think.


Just a personal opinion. To live in a high-tech era, we should before live in a scientific era. 100 years ago we didn’t live in a scientific era, 50 years later neither. And today there are high discrepancies between social and cultural level of education. We don’t live in a scientific era too, and most people needed to make a complex infrastructure efficient and functional don’t have the information needed. So I don’t believe something like this will be possible so soon, and if someone will try to build it, the only effect possible will be a dystopia, and will become decadent in a matter of years.


I think we, as the regular population, are sufficiently technologically advanced; it just so happens that people don’t really understand the nitty gritty details of the tech they use daily. On the other hand, I do believe that automation in the field of warfare and the like will continue advancing, and at the rate the economy is plummeting and how the 1% is becoming richer and richer, revolution has to come sooner or later. Society as a whole is at stake, considering the consequences of climate change, and despots rising to power and being maintained there by lobbying and/or misinformation campaigns. The cyberpunk future in my opinion is already here, has been since the internet left its ARPANET cage and grew into this super-monstrosity, and it has continued to get worse with the Silicon Valley giants owning most of the internet services. Privacy rights have been constantly undermined and exploited by governmental and private interests alike.

It is a boring dystopia, that is for sure; so far, no super high-tech ultra tall buildings, nor cybernetic augmentations, but the whole social discord drama is there, and will continually get worse if we do not do something about it. Since we’re in a hacker forum, I’ll quote Dennis Devey by saying that “Security is the shield of the modern world, and we need good people on the wall. Hack the planet.”

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Wanna help with a revolution in the US?

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Haha, the whole point of cyber is that countries and borders are no longer a thing, so yeah, sure I guess lol. I do participate in radical communities and help others learn basic privacy measures.

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You make an excellent point and we’d love to have ya on board!

No. Within 100 years human society will wipe itself out. That or it will regress towards a non-technological, primitive framework akin to at least that of the pre-industrial revolution.

If we aren’t wiped out in ways others have described, the future you are thinking of will come in probably dozens of years not hundreds. Things improve, but the rate at which they improve also increases, sometimes exponentially.

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