Disinformation demystified

This is a little less technical but still necessary to understand, as people in cyber. With the US 2020 elections coming up, it’s going to be really interesting monitoring Twitter, 4chan and other feeds for Russian information operations in the coming months.

I’d love to know what you think of this article as I plan to do deep dives into specific info ops campaigns as well. Perhaps starting with QAnon. : )


I’d definitely like to see that, but good luck for venturing to 4chan, that’s an exotic place to say at least


Is it ok to admit that I spend an unhealthy amount of time lurking on /g/? xD

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This reminds me of a podcast episode titled How Misinformation Spreads by ZigZag. Good write-up :slight_smile:

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I think we should be more worried about what China does with the information…they already have half their population over in America stealing information. Let alone, Asians have already integrated Huawei phones with overseas intercommunication services via satellite to work in America and in China. Plus they did come up with 5G networks and Quantum Communications, which will surely create a huge boom in the tech market once again. In terms of monitoring, it is going to come down to either the Russians or Chinese (中人) hacking through the US elections.


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There are so many possibilties regarding election hacking. For all we know it could be America hacking their own election and blaming another country. It might not sound very smart to anyone but to them it sure does and it’s all planned out correctly. With that being said, Russia & China do have very strong ambitions on election hacking and they would benefit a lot from it but I mean, so would America and any other country really.

With the recent protests in China though regarding privacy etc I do kind of agree with you as it sparked an interest in what they’re planning to do in the future :thinking:

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From a mathematical perspective, I agree that there are infinite amount of possibilities regarding election hacking. Time will tell which one happens.



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