Do anyone know any good course on malware development

i am a beginner and want to learn malware development can you guys suggest me good courses and books

I see yesterday this video
It has link to course. It look good.

thanks for your suggestion

Heres what I’d do:
Learn C
Learn Assembly
Learn your target Operating System Internals

Take malware source code, compile it and start playing around with it ( or learn to reverse engineer malware cause it’s cooler)

You can read malware analysis blogs and see what malware actually pulls off and you can try to mimic that.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

i am learning c++, will do has you listed thanks, but aren’t they any malware development courses :sweat_smile:

Why would anyone legally want to create a malware development course is a good question worth asking.
I created a tutorial on creating pure assembly viruses in Windows The Art Of Malware - Bringing the dead back to life

But I assume you want to create a botnet or a RAT which with that I cannot help.

your assumptions are right want to create a fud viruses of different types like pdf exploits, browser crasher etc.

thanks for your like it means a lot will check your thread