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I think this is a bit off topic but I’m developing a blog in laravel about information security and cybersecurity in general but now i have a problem i don’t know that much about what are the best hosting and domain name providers when it comes to security and price. My idea is to put the application running on a for example linux machine and have full control via ssh of that machine. When i talk about security is security when it comes to know who owns or manage the domain and information about that person. If you guys have suggestions or some bad/good experience with a company who provides this type of service just let me know so i can study about that.

PS: Sorry about my english.

If you’re just worried about some person on the internet coming after you, most domain registration services offer an anonymizing service where they basically submit their info for the WHOIS record so if anyone looks up the owner of the domain your name and info won’t show up (I believe, is one). In this scenario a public cloud provider for your hosting solution would be fine.

However if your concern is TLAs you’re going to want to look for both a domain registration service and a hosting provider than both provide an anonymizing service AND throw things like government issued warrants in the garbage without opening them. is a pretty cool website that has proven itself over the years as a company that actually does this (they have a blog somewhere with some interesting stories). They’re known for being a domain registration service but you can rent a server from them too! To be honest this is probably overkill for a security blog but I don’t know exactly what your intentions are so.

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Hey! Thank you very much for your reply, with a lookup in the reviews and reading stuff about the services of it seems pretty legit and i might give it a try. That’s exactly what i was looking for. :slight_smile:

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