Dream Setup (Continued)

Hello everyone, I thought that it would be fun to restart the dream setup conversation just for fun. Personally I would have a Inbox Zero gaming desk like this one. As well as three ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ 35 Curved Monitors. I would also get a Apple Mac Pro and three PowerEdge R900 Servers for virtual machines and testing. I would also purchase a SteelSeries Apex Pro and a Rival 600 Gaming mouse. My sound system would be an Arena 9 surround sound system. I cannot wait to see what setup you would create. Please post back!


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Oh, I can do with anything as long it has enough ram and a dedicated graphics card, enough storage (2TB) and two big monitors. (Curved would be nice, but I’ve got two good ones from LG and Siemens and that’s okay for now). Next month I’m going to buy a Raspberry Pi 4 because I think that would be really fun to play with. My desk is an old wooden L desk which I really like because it’s strong and it doesn’t shake. I don’t like Mac because I don’t like to play in their garden. I hate Windows because Windows always makes me angry. In the past my PCs were usually home -made of things that I bought or found left and right.

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Same here bruh nothing much

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