Experts (With some problems)

I found an article to become Hacker from the beginning to the experts , I have some problems

  • There is no professional person to follow me
    (I thought a lot and I do not find a solution of course you will have problems at first. I want someone to help me reach the first road and I will complete)

-I need your help

This is a good place to start:

thanks ,
But do I need someone to help me with some problems that have to do with experience and professionalism
Will this article not make me need anyone?

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Everything can be learned on your own, establishing your professional career can be done with certifications to show you’ve tested your knowledge; you do not need a prior class, hours or mentorship to attempt most technical certifications applicable to pentesting, with the exception of PWK/OSCP.

I would suggest developing fundamental networking, linux and programming skills as a start to your path.

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Thank you for your support This sentence will remain the beginning of the road and the dream

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