Exploit Windows

i am currently working on windows Exploit ,Rootkits and malware development.
Almost done with rootkits and malware rats…
Exploit development for windows is bit different and difficult i have done almost 50% of it…
it include reverse engineering drivers and services …
Anyone here to give idea where to be looked for vulnerable things in windows 10 latest version and anyone here to cooperate with me in this development.

Well i an also available for windows malware development and hacking guides…
Fell free to ask.


Hey, a noob here… I am starting with learning about malware development and RATs.
I know basics of C/C++ and Python

Can you guide me on what to learn how to learn to move forward ?
I’ll really appreciate your help.


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I’d recommend you to join the 0x00sec discord server- 0x00sec VIP
There are some pretty amazing people there.
You’ll be able to find some help regarding windows exploit development there and you can also contribute actively in the malware section


Thanks arvi i will definitely look for that.

Hey, iam sorry i dont have an answer for your questions,but i really like malware development and i dont know where to start and what to learn, can you give me your roadmap what lead you to developing actual malware?

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howz you in programming?

very good at python and less in C

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great its good to start malware in python…
research on Rats rootkits in malware

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