Faster Ways to Identify Web Exploits

So, lets say I want to hack a website I would ping the website and scan the IP with Nmap then go down the list of services it’s running googling them one by one to see if they have any exploits,
I’m okay with doing this but it’s time consuming, any ways around this or common exploitable applications to look out for?

I don’t see why you would ping a website when looking for an exploit :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, you should use the vulnscan script since it lists all the known exploits and basically does the googling for you.

However if you want to hack a website in a CTF you’ll usually have to develop your own exploit. Vulnscan is pretty good for when it comes to CTFs like hackthebox. But when you are doing web challenges, it usually won’t help you.

there are tons of vulnerability scanners out there

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