Feature Proposal: Subscribe function


(Lukas) #1

Hey Guys

First of all i’d like to say this is an awesome website you created here.
I was hanging around here for a while and i like it alot.
But it would be even better if there was a subscribe function, where you could subscribe to someone and see his latest posts on a “subscribed” category.
I don’t know if you want to build in something like that but i think it would be very useful.
Still hoping OTW is choosing to join this community :slight_smile:.
Peace out

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #2

Hi! It’s good to see you here. In fact this functionality already exists. If you select a category, you can change your watching prefrences to “Watching”, this will notify you of all new posts in that category.

If you’re on mobile, you won’t be able to change these unless you request a desktop version. So I would suggest using a desktop to ‘subscribe’.


(The C# Dude) #3

I think he means that you can subscribe to a member and not to a category.

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #4

Ohh you’re right. Sorry xD I will look into it.

(Lukas) #5

^^ @TheDoctor exactly!
What do you all think of this idea?
Anyone else who thinks this would be useful?

(The C# Dude) #6

Yep, I thought of exactly the same idea some days ago. However, I aborted this idea, because I read every article anyway, so it’s not that important in my case :grin:.

(Lukas) #7

haha xD yes currently it’s possible to read every article, but think of it with some more posts and members in the future…
If you’re working or going to school it’s Impossible :wink: time is precious my friend

(The C# Dude) #8

As I said above, this feature is just not needed in my case. I’m sure that people who’ve got less time would appreciate such a time-saver :wink:.

(Lukas) #9

Exactly ^^ lets hope pry0cc can do some programming magic :sparkles:

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #10

Who would you be interested in following?


I think that would be a good idea, and it would save time!. @pry0cc I think we should implement it (I for one am interested), although I can’t see myself using it to much (I like reading all posts regardless of the topic or user.

(Lukas) #12

For example @airth with his very fundamental but very well written subnetting article.
Or to @Evalion from whom we can expect a lot of hardware hacking in the future.
Just to people who have a little more experience as the others in this community.

So it would be awesome if i see the articles they write (not the replies), without all the ones im not interested in.


When this site is getting 3 million visitors a month and 3k active members it will be awesome to have that feature so people can follow my fix your sheet comments when people start posting questions… ;-p

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #14

I will be exploring this avenue as it does indeed seem useful. As for now however, I will suggest finding users in the 0x00sec.org/users page, and viewing their topics from there. That is one easy way to identify all posts from a user.


Less selective as well thankfully

(Lukas) #16

Thanks ! Yes, for now it’s enough to look up the username. My suggestion was anyway a long term thought, which would be useful in the future when the community grows bigger.
I think it would be worth the effort.

Awesome commutity here i think i will be spending a lot of time with some of those sexy articles y’all got here.


Hi everybody.
Thanks for the resource.

But where is syndication - RSS or Atom?

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #18

You’ve just given me an idea…

There are feeds at https://0x00sec.org/latest.rss and https://0x00sec.org/top.rss

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #19

Just tried the links, but it says:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Can you fix that? :slight_smile:

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #20

They work for me? Try the top.rss one again?