Find out what algorithm is used?

Hi all,

I am new here and found this very intresting forum when searhing for a solution for my problem. I have a lot of known input and the output for an unknown algorithm.

How can I find out what is going on?

Some examples
Input Output
27509 3124277011
27510 3674154742
27514 3717391087
27516 0865895363
27518 3559173828
27660 2549616232
27864 2584471419
27868 2478680912
27885 1938815587
28195 1025958139
28251 2495141303

If needed I have more examples. How will I go about to solve this? Or if any of you out there can figure it out…


which program is being used.this will assist in figuring out the algorithm

I don´t know what program is used to create this output. I supply the input and I get the output from another person.

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