Hack Gmail mailbox

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this will be hard try create wordlist and try bruteforce the password

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I’ve compiled a dictionary, but I can’t do it.

Why can’t you do it? Isn’t it your GMail?

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I can’t do this because 2FA is not connected and I haven’t used the mailbox for 10 years, I forgot it a long time ago and lost my password. The mailbox is very ancient. So I’m looking for a hacker to help crack the password. Google can’t help me with this problem, it remains only to crack the password. I tried to crack the password through the thc-hydra program, but I can’t, I’m not a hacker ))

Help me find a hacker who can crack the password on my gmail, I will give a reward.

Google deletes all inactive account data within two years so wouldn’t it be useless to access an inactive account you haven’t used for 10 years?

The account is active, emails and spam are coming there. I sent emails from another mailbox, all emails are coming. This means that the mailbox is active. We should try to log in with a password, but for this you need to hack the password.

“…all emails are coming”

How can you make the assertion if you don’t have access to the account?

I made such a assertion that the account is not blocked or canceled, because I sent a lot of emails and these emails did not come back.
If the account was blocked or canceled, then after sending a letter to such an account, the letter will not be delivered, the answer will be “The letter has not been delivered”.

If you read the policy they don’t necessarily delete your account but what’s inside of the account. Also there is no guarantee that the account is still under your control. The problem with your request is that it was your account and you can’t say for sure if it still is your account.

I can say for sure what belongs to me, because I did not set up 2FA. If the account were transferred to another user, then he would set up 2FA.