Hacking and identifying apartment scammers

During my apartment search I was contacted by what was obviously 2 scammers and for now I’m playing along in their little game. I suspect they do this on a massive scale and I just want to waste their time for now, and if possible, get their real identities.

I managed to get their IP addresses and browser user agent by forwarding some fake documents located on one of my own servers. It seems that they run Windows 10 and Windows 7.

I want to go a step further and send them a trojan. I’m researching more about meterpreter and various tools to generate hard to detect loaders/payloads and for this I would need your help. I’m still trying to figure out what combination to use and any advice would be welcome :slight_smile:

Also, before using this more aggressive method, is there a fingerprint method I could use that’s less invasive so to speak, that would send me some basic system info, like username, workgroup and other windows-related stuff (preferably the name of the user)?

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