HackTheBox Weekly Challenge - OneTwoSeven

Hi 0x00ers!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend! For me, in the UK it is a bank holiday today so I’m going to be working away quietly on this box on my day off slight_smile:

The past few weeks it seems we’ve had a bit of a deviation of routine on these weekly hacktheboxes as a group, so this week should be the week we get back on the wagon and continue our rigorous training routine :slight_smile:


Box Info

This is a practically brand new box and is rated hard, it has quite a lot of points attributed to it, but the user ratings are that its fairly easy. We shall see! It is also a Linux box so that should be fun for a lot of us Linux people :slight_smile:

OS: Linux
Difficulty: Hard
Points: 40
Release Date: 20th April 2019

Good luck!

Thread Rules:

  • No Spoilers
  • No Spoilers

  • If you need to ask a question, please use [spoiler][/spoiler] tags if you think it’ll reveal information
  • Hints are allowed if they are vague, and oddly cryptic. Paint an Escher painting with your words
  • Feel free to post that you pwned a box, but no write-ups. near-fatal for help without effort on your part will be met with near fatal doses of sarcasm

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