Hello everyone. I have encountered some difficulties

Dear everyone.
I come from China.I am a university student.What a good afternoon,but I am worried about my study in the dormitory.My school grades are no problem. I am mainly worried about my future employment problems.My school is not an excellent school, and the curriculum is chaotic. I only listen to the teacher every day,but my teacher can only teach us by PPT .I want to change my life now. I am very interested in information security. I have been a script kid for a few years.Now I want to master some technical things such as software reversal and anti-virus knowledge.I,have many problems ,and my teacher can`t help me.I hope someone can help me.
How to start learning about software reversal?Where should I start?Assembly language is a tough bone. How much do I need to learn?If you can tell me, thank you very much.


Hey @keep_fun,

By learning Reverse Engineering .

It doesn’t matter. Just start and you will notice what you don’t know. Then you should learn these things.

So much that you start feeling comfortable with the stuff you’re doing.

The most important things you need you can find here in the forum. Otherwise, use Google. There exist a lot of information about every topic you’re interested in.

Keep calm.


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Hey, is okay if you feel lost and want help. I recommend searching on google every doubt you have, you can also use this community to express your questions and I bet someone will have an answer. Don’t lose motivation and always keep learning, this community is here to help.

Sincerely, Thirsty-Robot

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Also try searching on a SearX instance, like searx.me

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