[Help] How to infect someone from url?

Hello fellas as far as i informed you i’ve got family problems…now everything seems fine ! :slight_smile: but now i’ve little time and still cant solve my problem with BeEF here i will explain :

I need to infect(hook) one guy (he’s my friend but i need to stalk him to get more information what he’s about to do) so i watched many tutorials but still dont get it how to works ! i can’t send him the link since the url is kali) so my question is how to change it like fake website or something like that and when he’s about to click it to get hooked!
forgot to mention everything i do is legal (ofc without hooking) but i need to know what he’s trying to do without me permission! Thanks


You must clarify: Do you have the appropriate legal permissions to access this guy’s machine?

Who cares, not our responsibility


well he’s trying to do something behind my back i’m sure so i don’t thing he will give me permission but hey that’s the point … i need to stalk him and get more information :slight_smile:

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Agreed with @unh0lys0da. None of our damn business. xD


You need the IP of your kali box, and then need to modify the HTML page to incorporate that ip rather than

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the thing is i need also to port forward but the problem is admin/admin not working :smiley: i’ve no idea why its not changed

Use a VPS. Saves you a lot of headaches.

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I swear every one of your solutions involves a VPS somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! This is true, however if I was actually doing a real engagement, I would use an offshore, Bitcoin funded VPS. If you operate behind a VPN, data correlation attacks don’t work to identify you unless the VPS provider is working together with the target or police.

Also using a VPS prevents problems caused by portforwarding, dynamic IP’s, anonyminity, and bad uploads. Another really great thing about using a VPS is that it is always alive. Most engagements that are successful generally span days, weeks or months. Having an always alive server you can SSH into from anywhere is incredibly powerful; you don’t have to leave your main use machine on for months.


Very true pry0cc :slight_smile: thanks for everyone i’ll try to solve it as soon as possible!

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