How big of a role does Networking play for being a dangerous hacker?

I have read many stories about the most dangerous hackers/hacks and events that had happens in the past. And something that confuses me is how much networking is required? if any?

does every hacker understand Networking in full details? if we look at CCNA, what part of the stuff in there is important for a person to become a dangerous hacker? if we take CCNA as in example again there is alot of stuff that you dont need as a hacker correct? and i guess you dont need everything am i correct on this or not? i have also read that some hackers have caused millions of dollars in damage how so? do they just encrypt everything?

as of right now, i am watching a CCNA course on youtube, while doing the packet tracer labs that comes with it, and i need some advice, am i on the right path as a beginner/new to the IT world? what should be my next Step?

-I hope that anything of what i wrote made any sense, i will be active in the comment section

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