How does your kit and TTPs look like?


Question: How does your kit and TTPs look like when you are defending/ offensive in the cyber domain? I am looking for feedback mainly from those who serve in a operation manager/ Red Team Leader type of role, however, I appreciate anyone who would like to offer their advice

I am looking at designing my own specific toolkit and TTPs for long term cyber security operations.

My background: I am a CS major; combat arms military and I am looking at starting a career in cyber security (red teaming). My interests include but not limited to: physical security (social engineering), network security, mobile security, and coding in Russian. Currently in my kitbag are (my methodology is F3EAD but I shorten it to F3E^2):

  1. HUMINT - the dictionary of body language by joe navarro, and the social engineer’s playbook, a practical guide to pretexting.
  2. OSINT - Maltego,
  3. Others - Netcat, Nmap, WireShark, SN1PER
  4. Metasploit
  5. John the Ripper
  6. THC Hydra
  7. Aircrack-ng

I left the above blank as I would like to see what others think. Stay frosty mates,

Irish Greg

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