How To Become A Hacker From Scratch [Full Guide]


Advanced a bit but important to learn assembly language to writing exploits. shell coders handbook is good.


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Don’t use nmap then? :rofl:



Hahahahahahaha, Oh Man You Are A Real Joker :rofl:


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Ahaha I appreciate that somebody gets my humour.

Maybe tone it down a little bit :stuck_out_tongue: it wasn’t THAT funny.

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Hey @5P1D3R,
For Hacking Assembly is really hard I know, but it is just for advanced works.
Reverse Engineering & some other stuff will be is good if you know that
I am a Reversing buddy & I like this very much :smile:


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Try Offensive Computer Security 2.0

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Sorry @dmknght,
Knowledge is free try to search free & productive things first to gather knowledge.
You should know what is called open source



Google is my best friend that’s OK, but how TOR is my best friend?



If you are comfortable with Google then you can make it your all-time best friend

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Firstly thank you for your willingness to contribute to our community :smile:
Your thread certainly contain some valid points on gathering skills to become an infosec professional.

However I will have to disagree that this is the path to become a hacker. I’m strongly against ripping off some names from their original meaning and deeper philosophy, emptying it out and eventually industrializing them.
You can see that I’m advocating to understand and use words like these in their original meanings in two of my threads here:

I know using words like “hacker” instead of saying “pentester” draws much MUCH more attention.
But in a hope to make an impact, a difference, I would like to kindly request you to change the title. But it’s your topic afterall. Thank you again :slight_smile:

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No @hunter, Sorry to say that I am not a attention seeker overall
I am a busy person & I want to help people when I am free

Yes, I know for becoming a professional hacker one have to practice much and more & also needs some additional skills & experiences beside these. I didn’t provide the bad things to become a hacker

@pry0cc, I have decided not to post anything more like “How to become…” & any hacking related post as these things really hurts the community (Hacking is not an illegal thing after all).

But people will understand & choose their own path to become a Hacker or something you wanna say

But they need to start from something I think that I have provided. They will decide will that make them a hacker or not

Cheers :smile:

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I’m very confused.

Hacking is not illegal in all cases. Illegal hacking is bad, and we do not condone that.

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I am working for Parrot OS project. I know what is open source.
You call this a “not free” ?

You are free to:

    Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
    Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material 


Hey @dmknght, think that you have forgotten the name @rootCode :rofl:
Also worked beside you for Parrot Project & always supported to make Parrot a better OS. But left for the bad community system. Because they do not know how to evaluate people’s work.

Beside Offensive Security is not an open source company to provide you the best things for free. For this, they are taking money from the peoples


These are really free & giving you free certificates, isn’t it? :rofl:

Besides Offensive Security 2.0 is not for beginners. There are huge open source resources on the internet to start with. But not with Offensive Security 2.0 [90’s Kids Video]

I know what is better for a absolute beginner to start with


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Do you understand I am talking about Offensive Computer Security course which has made by W. Owen Redwood, not Offensive Security corp?



Hahahaha @dmknght
I know what I say & what I do
Check here: → W. Owen Redwood !

It is not Offensive Computer Security its Offensive Security isn’t it :rofl:


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Even it is called Offensive Security (or whatever you can call), it is a course and it isn’t Offensive Security company that your throw the links. So what is the point here? Not open source course? Comerical certs?

The 2.0 version was made in 2016



Don’t forget to check → This

You are working for Parrot OS its cool. But are you also a member of Kali Linux??

Like this you have a fixed bio data but probably W. Owen doesn’t have. Personally I don’t like people who can’t say his bio data (Offensive Security or Offensive Computer Security)

So, I don’t care these people making a video Open source or not. They are really like his bio data (Just Valueless)

By the way you are somewhat Quarrelsome. If you have a huge collection of open source project then don’t comment here just create a new topic.

Thanks for understanding


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