How to disable 2FA - authenticator app if you have deleted the app?

How do you disable 2FA - authenticator app, once you have enabled it. I have lost the authenticator app, so i can’t generate any more authentication codes. But I have my password and access to my mail. Is there any option to generate new QR code for the authenticator app ?

You talking about a Google account. If you have your phone number linked to the account you can use that for your 2FA. Or submit an account access ticket. This takes a couple of days, but can assist you logging in to your account. All these options come up on the 2 step verification page when you log in.

No. I am talking about 2FA on 0x00sec

I think Ned Flanders would say that was a dilli of a pickle.

There is no way to recover a key once you have deleted your app, so you are in trouble. 0x00sec make it a bit difficult, because if you lose that app you lose everything.

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