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Hi, I’m new here. But I don’t know what is mean “Animation sync”. I am writing about any game reverse-engineering.

I have started reverse-engineering that game a long time ago and my target is to make Multiplayer mode for game to give wishing people opportunity to fight online. This game has a perfectly fights system and I have liked it. By the way, you can tell me your opinion. I am developing this mode because other targets I have not find.

I have experience of reverse-engineering a little more than one year. And I have the experience of C++ programming more than two years. Even if this project won’t be popular I will get more experience to this scene.

If there is someone who has experience of game reverse-engineering, can you tell what I need to do to make it?

The game has single. There are enemies. The maps chosen by player to load map to fight. No, indeed it doesn’t exist yet. That I was called “The maps chosen by player” is simply levels which can be chosen by player. The actor has been spawned and game started… Enemies has been spawned and the actor should fight them. The level (map) is choosing in game menu. (I can’t imagine how it works. And how I will load the map by the program).

For example, lets take any level where will be spawn enemies. It’s that I need. If looking from the side of multiplayer: game must give control to the enemies or spawned actor to the original player who is playing. In this way the difference between “actor” and “enemies” is disappearing. Just should be two players who should to choose his actor model which will be use to fights to the other player (his enemies). And the map…

That is basically needs to make. But I don’t know how to do. As “Animation Sync and Players sync”.
Help me. I so much want to do it. Btw, can you suggest to me information about it? To make that.


This sounds like a really cool project, I don’t think I have enough experience to help you with this though :sweat_smile:. Which game are you making this mode for? I’ve got a paper about a guy who modded the game Torchlight to have multiplayer support, it sounds pretty similar to what you’re doing. Maybe this paper can help you out. I can PM you the pdf if you’re interested.


Of course, please. I will be grateful! Send to me.


I have not done it, but I hear that game hacking depends very heavily upon memory dumping and inspecting that, and also modifying a function call in the game to point at your own .dll. For example changing the function that says “fire gun” to your dll where the same function has been copied in but instead of doing 1 damage it does 50.

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