How to get IP from VoIP Number

Hello Lords of the Darkside,

Recently I have received several calls from different numbers (London and Vienna).

After doing some research I found out that

  1. I’m not the first one as there have been several spam alerts on the web. Seems they want to trick people in buying shitcoins or something.

  2. I found out they are using Voxbone, huge provider for VoIP services, allowing you to book numbers from any locations and being somewhere else. So like being in Nigeria and call them with your UK number.

  3. I have an VoIP phone myself so I thought I should try to call them back and try to call them back. One was blocked completely for incoming calls (as I saw in wireshark). On the other number I was hearing some music, but no RTP packages were transferred.

So. My goal is to somehow find out the corresponding IPs of these numbers and learn a bit more about who my secret admirers are but I’m somewhat new to this topic and thought I’d try to ask if someone here is a vivid VoIP enthusiast and has any valuable input on how to solve that challenge.

Any input appreciated.

Thanks and looking forward!

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