How to get out of poverty with hacking?

Hi! I was study like 2.5 years about “hacking” and I love it, but unfortunately I live in a third world country, so keeping learning hacking is to hard, even I write this without electric light! :frowning:

Anyway I don’t like to leave this to work in some factory 12 hours at day, I’m sure that I’ll can make me a good career in cybersecurity but I’m missing a lot to reach that.

I know about bug bountys but I don’t feel that I actually can to gain some money from that.

So if you could help me giving me some tip to learn more faster or a guideline to don’t waste time learning “useless” stuff or even some idea to get some money with basic knowledge of hacking, I will be appreciated a loooooot! I don’t want to give up now :frowning:

anyway thanks for reading!

If this is a bad post I apologize sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey mate. Don’t know if this is a bad post or not, but I can share my 2 cents: I was separated from my parents and worked to put myself through school and college in a very poor country (not my own). I wanted to do one of two things: game development and/or hacking.

Unfortunately, I could do neither since I needed to pay rent.

I ended up using the little programming knowledge I had to get through college (a very cheap and shitty one) and get a job as an frontend developer. I didn’t like it, but I accepted it. You’ll learn to like it if you accept it.

Fast-forward almost 10 years later, I became quite good at it. I moved to a better country, continued working as a mobile developer, but in the last year, I was able to transition to a job in the security industry as a senior developer.

I’m still doing development, but for security systems, which is pretty cool. I also do some malware analysis here and there.

tl;dr: security and game development are “Passion Industries”: people would do them for free if they could, which is why it is over-saturated with dreamers and heavily-exploited and it won’t pay your rent. Bug bounties are cool, but it’s better to get a job that pays a steady income and allows you to think about other things: friends, family, personal development outside of a computer, etc.

Study and get a job as a database engineer, an embedded systems developer, a data scientist, a hardware engineer, or a mobile/frontend/backend developer. All of them pay good money and, when you get out of a bad situation, you can always take that knowledge and apply it verbatim to career as a pentester/analyst/etc. I doubt you’d lose anytime or experience if you work as a developer.

It’s not giving-up. I’d say it’s more rising-up, but that’s not my place to say that.

Also, keep doing CTFs and possibly join a security meetup group somewhere.


Really awesome and detailed answer i have to say, especially the part about “passion industries” and the need for a steady income at first.

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Hey, I think the first thing you should be focusing on is how to get a proper education with a focus on computer science or IT. Assuming you don’t already have these credentials that is. Try to go part-time, do whatever you need to do to get yourself in a classroom. Even if you are a genius hacker, the top companies will typically only pay you if you have a proper set of credentials of some kind or a super strong resume. School is the surest, least risky, and legal way to get what you are after. Of course school cost money, so maybe you only go part time (I did) until you finish. But at least you’re on the way and getting a good foundation.

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really big thanks for answering @afjoseph!, it’s good to see it that others pass trough for the same situation and they could commit it.

The problem with the school is that is very expensive and the only thing that is useful in the school is the paper that certified that you have the knowledge.

So I’ll try some online courses and I’ll hope that those certificates it’s enough to find a job. :confused:

And yes I’ll keeping myself ctfing, I almost done with microcorruption XD

Nice! Microcorruption is cool! Good luck, OP

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