I need the help of a Vigilante!

I need help getting an actual location of an Email sender. They are using an anonymous account through a provider that starts with a Y. You know which one. This person is a coward hiding behind “Y” hoo. They are sending emails trying to get my wife fired. All the things they are saying are not true, and her company won’t do anything about it because they can’t prove who it is. I asked law enforcement about it, and of course they said they can’t help either because it’s “Hear say”! I don’t have the skills to get the actual IP. The one I find is from”Y” hoos server in New York. Can anyone help me, or tell me who can? Please and thank you.

I recommend Uber Hacker technique SNGaSF (Simply Not Giving a Single Fck)here…you will sleep better at night. People are assholes thats a fact and will do ugly stuff just, because they can…If yuo react on every bullsht you let them win. If company of your wife and law enforcement dont care…you should do the same. Ask her employer to filterthis and every next email like this and its done.
Info about the sender’s IP address is kept in Yahoo’s logs and they will not share it with everybody who just wants to know who the sender is. Police can do that if there is a crime, but it takes time an effort and there is no guarantee that, for example they use public network…and tracking this person will be much harder than just getting ‘the real IP’.

Buuuuut if you persist…you want justice, revenge and see this person burning…It can be done creative way by… phishing ;].

Prepare Word document with embedded image, that has to be loaded from external HTTP server under you control. Name it idk …‘court restraining order.docx’ and send it with message that case was reported to police and there are details attached. When this person will open this document, it will try to download image from your server and in access logs you will get the IP address. Of course success depends on how good your story will be to persuade this person to open this document.

This is cool trick if you want to check if somebody opened document that you sent (It does not require any kind of shady macros etc.)


Thank you for responding. I have tried not caring, but this has been going on for months now. I just want it to end. I have never phished before. Im a noob.

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get a lawyer, make him create a filling with the police, subpoena yahoo based on that filling, get the perp and shit down the gas tank of his car

Defamation charges means you will have to prove that the statements are false. You will also have to prove that the statements in those letters have actionable and evident monetary or social effects.

Other than that? Send a pixel email tracker. Perps are most likely someone you know and that hates you with vigor. These kinds of people are PERSONAL and have no issue with gloating over you giving them a stern letter. Hide the spy pixel email tracker in that stern letter. Make it believable.

Another thing you can do? looking up the email on haveibeenpwned to check if you can just get their potential password easily, OSINT framework to see if they used the email somewhere else or have similar usernames elsewhere

other than that? don’t give a shit and live your life, dirtbags just want to rile you up. Roll with the punches and keep on living. Being happy is worst revenge to someone wanting to shit on your life.


Yeah, man use OSINT on that shit. A few simple to use and easy to install tools are: Littlebrother, blackbird, vector. With those three tools, you should be able to find the user of the email. A few other tools, you’ll know their full name, street address and view every site ever associated with their email/username

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