Ideas (any would be fine)

(Valentine) #1

I haven’t been on that much ever since my laptop was getting fixed but I am currently working on modifying a worm and once it is done in a few months I will post it on here. Although, at the moment I am at lost with what tuorials to do. I was thinking maybe Raspberry Pi tutorials but I would love to hear from the community for ideas. I am not abandoning my current series but at the moment I am not able to do much except research. Cheers.


How about we focus on more basic stuff for the new people? Perhaps you can do some tuts on that?


(pico) #3

Hey @anon63959120, do you have any specific topic in mind?


@0x00pf I plan to do a short series on the introduction of offensive security which will cover passive & active recon, exploitation, and maintaining access, so new people can follow. I will however not talk about more advanced topics like how the Linux command line works (not in detail atleast, I will teach basic commands like “cd” and “cat”) or scripting. This could be something you or @Valentine might be willing to cover then?


(pico) #5

You wouldn’t like a post from me on how the Linux command-line works :scream:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts


Doesn’t need to be you, anyone who wants to can do it!


(Donnette Pinkerton) #7

That would be great!
I’m a new girl who wants to learn as much as humanly possible!!

(Valentine) #8

Build a foundation first then get more complicated. I think I got a few ideas now. Thanks for all the insight. Cheers.

(appie) #9

mayby can someone make tuts about basic of python but in like creating script that do stuff like bruteforcing or keylogging and explain ever line of code for the newbies :slight_smile: (like me :stuck_out_tongue:)

(Valentine) #10

Python isn’t exactly my programming language. I code in C and C++, but I started learning Python a while back because the Pi is coded in Python. I could possibly look into it because Python was built from C and I’ve seen the code which is very similar to C. Other than that, thanks for the suggestions.