In Need Of Python Networking Links

Stuck with python. am trying to network with python and learning about scapy scrapy and beautiful soup. am trying to build a botnet and a web scraper any tutorial links to these categories will be appreciated…of course with python

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You could open and search for “python network” and download hundreds of books to this Topic. I tried “python scrapy” and it found:

Learning Scrapy: Learn the art of eficient web scraping and crawling with Python

If you want to build a botnet, don´t rely on those “how to make your own botnet” tutorials.
most of them are crap! and for learning python, building a botnet is definitly not the easiest to start with.
For a botnet you’ll need knowledge in exploitation, making things persistent, c2 traffic and lot of other things.

check out a book called “Blackhat Python” you´ll find it on the site in the link above. this could be a good start, if you realy want to explore the dark side of python.

hope i could help


yeah!! cawa thanks plenty for the link am up checking it out now… A big thumb up for you

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