Introducing: 0x00sec GitHub Repo


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A while back we used to have a repo on Github, the Community-Code repo; and because there wasn’t much traction on it we decided to delete it. Since then we’ve had many requests to create a GitHub repo and or a GitLab server.

Due to a lack of funds we are unable to make a GitLab server, although it is ready to go in the event we find it somewhere.

In response, we have made a new tool, introducing: Agora. Here you can share your own projects, community projects and things you find

I hope you all enjoy sharing and collaborating here :slight_smile:


EDIT: We’ve spiced things up major. Now we have a tool called agora which is like a package manager, for 0x00sec. To upload content to the repos, just make your own github repo, and make an Agora JSON file. You can find examples of those here. Upload the JSON to the packages folder, and you should be good to go!


Whoa this is great :slight_smile: Hope I’ll share some useful tool or script to the community!

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Awesome! I’m sure we all look forward to seeing it :wink:

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Excellent! As we discussed earlier, there are some tools made by the community that I use rather frequently. So having a common place to wget from will be very useful for everyone!



Hey pry0cc, L0k1/Sstrykerr here. Long story short is I got into an accident, and got messed up pretty bad, I’m almost back to normal now, which means I"ll be active once again with Mia and Wulfbut. Anywho, on to my point.

How much do you need for a GitLab server? I’m sure I can cover the costs for one if needed. If you need to get ahold of me, just use the e-mail I signed up with, or talk to Suser, he knows how to contact me directly.

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Hit me up on the IRC when you get the chance.


LOL!!! The Agora (Asides from the obvious historical reference) is the name of a darknet marketplace that was one of the many replacements for the silk road.

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Don’t you think I knew that already?


I’d like to announce that pry0cc’s agora manager sucks butt and null-get is a thousand times better.

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I’d like to offer a counter-announcement. Mine came first and I designed the whole API and Jason system.


Where it go?