Introducing: A stack of new things!

(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #1

Hello 0x00’ers! Hope you’re having a snappy day. I hope you’re excited because a load of new things are coming to 0x00sec

Announcement 0x00 - Tool Release - Pupper

A few days ago I was talking to some people on the IRC, and they commented that it would be absolutely awesome to have some kind of tool that allows you archive posts from 0x00sec for offline reading.

I began work on it, and oaktree helped me get it along to completion, so you know for sure that it’s gonna be awesome :stuck_out_tongue: It allows you to browse 0x00sec, search & download articles, and then save it. It formats the posts in a nice HTML format. We may consider adding text file support if enough people want that.

When you want to download it, here’s the GitLab link, (if you’re unsure on how to use GitLab, @oaktree is releasing an article shortly on how to get started with it)

Announcement 0x01 - 1337 of the w33k updates

When we first started 0x00sec, we had this awesome thing going called 1337 of the w33k, for those who don’t know, individuals who were putting up some dope articles would be nominated and elected by the mods, and they’d be crowned 1337 of the w33k for that week.

For several reasons this slowly faded out, however, many have said that they feel sad about the depreciation of 1337 of the w33k, and so we have decided to bring it back! However, with a spin.

Instead of it being weekly, we are moving it to monthly, to give posters a better chance of getting in on the monthly competition. Thus we are calling it “1337 of the m0n7h” (of course the 1337 sp33k is sarcastic…)

The second spin is that whereas before, users would be nominated by mods + admins, this time we are giving the vote to the people. People in the community will be able to vote and nominate users for 1337 of the m0n7h; this brings an entirely new dynamic to it, and will hopefully make it more exciting!

That’s all 0x00ers! Have a snappy day :wink: I hope you like the new things to this awesome community!


Getting Involved in 0x00sec with GitLab