Introducing: Bi-Monthly 0x00sec CTF Exercises!

Hi everyone!

Where can I find hints to solve this CTF? This is my first ever CTF and I tried everything that I know as developer and got nothing. Can someone point me to where I can find help?


I think when you start the challenge, you can unlock like 1-2 hints to help (they’re buttons on the modal that contains the challenge link).

If you’re still stuck, I’m happy to help, can jump on the 0x00 discord, or you can find me on twitter.

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Hi @device, I tried to unlock the hints but I don’t have enough points (at least 3). The discord server, I tried to enter it but got something like “invalid invite” or “expired invite”. Besides to reaching you on social, there is anything else I can do? The hints looks promising :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll find and follow you on twitter.

Looks like I forgot my password, any chance i can get it reset?

I don’t think that you forgot your password. The username and password are the things we have to find out. Am I right?

I think he means for :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to setup email later today so you can reset it :slight_smile:

Stand by! In the meantime you can make a new account.

Yes that’s correct appears I may have mistyped my password, as I was on mobile when I created the ctfd login. Appreciate the response. I am having a fun time with it the exercise though!

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I’m working hard on making more exercises :slight_smile:

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@pry0cc - Thanks for that. It took a little longer than the anticipated 10-30 minutes due to the unfamiliarity with the tools in use.
Useful challenge and I’ve definitely learnt something today so a Good Day!



Please give me a hint to solve this challenge

It is quite hard to give hints here without spoilering it.
Just do your recon. Try to get every piece of information out of the challenge site. And read carefully everything. You will get hints from your recon.

Then it is mostly a bit of google if you don’t know the tools.

Can you please provide some good sources for first to learn about CTF techniques and tools from basic…and then apply that knowledge and participate in challenges… not only this one but others also…

This is great and I liked the first challenge!

Newbie here … just registered , trying to find my around here , not sure where is the exercise mentioned in this post ; looked around in the CTF , no luck . Any help is appreciated

Here’s is my solution for this particular challenge, I’d be excited to read yours too.


It’s not meant to be a spoiler or anything, you can try all you want and just go through this after you’ve attempted all you can

Thanks a lot @r3dn1t , this is my first CTF ever and thanks a ton for your article, helps to understand how to think

Hey buddy! I love your writeup!

Little early - the next exercise is released next Saturday! But that’s ok- this might help some people :slight_smile:

Would you be able to post this on It’ll go into a library of solves after the challenge solution goes public and you’ll be immortalised in 0x00sec CTF history for life!

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Thanks for this simple challenge, I succeeded :wink:
Waiting for the next one !