Introducing the 0x00Drone



The problem with making a Faraday’s cage (which I assume you meant) is that you also block the magnetic field of the earth and even worse: the drone’s RC signal.


Yeah i know but i didnt mean that. I only thought of a Faraday’s cage at the beginning

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love it! keep going!

I need a project for my last semester…
wondering if this could be the one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you need help making this software, I have a degree and I can help with software engineering. :slight_smile:
I’d definitely be interested.

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Here’s a software application for it that I’ve actually been meaning to get around to personally implementing on a drone for myself. It’s called Snoopy, and if I recall it was on the news a few years ago. Since then it’s never really slipped my mind.
Side note - this probably needs to be updated considering it’s 6 years old. As far as I know, it works but could use some modernization and new features which may make or break this idea imo.

Also, since you guys are planning on implementing the HackRF, perhaps a script or something to capture common frequencies & whatnot for radio replay attacks on things like doors, cars, etc.

One more thing, DJI drones have No Fly Zones programmed in by default. However, these no fly zones are constantly updating and DJI has no way to efficiently keep up with them. As a result, you may want to disable those NFZs and instead read up on zones in your area before take offs in case DJI’s pre-programmed zones are incorrect. For that, go to NoLimitDronez.


These no fly zones don’t seem to work; I’ve flown into restricted airspace a few times now, got no problems.