Irc handle needs reg


been trying to connect to the irc site bit it says i need to register my nic can any one help.
Im using a irc client not web client

You need to register your nickname with NickServ and then auth to join the main channel (#0x00sec).

/msg NickServ help register

A little embarrassed i put that in but i did not have a clue how to add it please can you help.

I will start this by first stating that I am no expert and that I just joined IRC today and so I am willing to help. Now will follow a lot of instructions copied and pasted from weechat quick start guide.
And I do not know how to properly format yet so bear with me.

  1. Install weechat
  2. Start weechat
    Now starts the actual commands, so make sure you’re in the weechat console.
  3. /server add 0x00sec (replace 0x00sec after add for any name you want to give to this server)
  4. /set irc.server.0x00sec.username “My user name”
  5. /set irc.server.0x00sec.ssl on (Don’t want any sniffers around)
  6. /set irc.server.0x00sec.autoconnect on (Auto Connection)
  7. /set irc.server.0x00sec.command “/msg nickserv REGISTER passwordhere emailhere
    Try above and if successful exit the weechat using /exit
  8. /set irc.server.0x00sec.command “/msg nickserv identify password” (for authentication purposes)
  9. /set irc.server.0x00sec.autojoin “#0x00sec” (for autojoining channels)

Hope this helps. Ask any questions away. And please post screenshots for troubleshooting purposes. I apologize for not correctly formatting the reply.

EDIT: use /connect 0x00sec and /disconnect 0x00sec for connecting and disconnecting with the server.

sorry i should of been a little more informative.

Im using Hexchat i am connected ok but is says i need to register nic to that chanel.

I put the command in it tells me what i need to do ‘Register your nickname in the Nicserv database. once’ and some other things.

what commands do i need to do this. dont want to install any other client neither.

Thanks for your time too

When you’ve registered your nickname, use

/msg NickServ identify <your password>

to auth before trying to rejoin the #0x00sec channel.

Thanks for the help dtm had to do a little more research and a little trial and erro but got sorrted :upside_down_face:

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