Is it even possible to hack corporate email addresses?

I came across this page on the darkweb, someone is looking for a hacker who can hack corprorate email addresses.

Would that even be possible? Are there not enough security systems in place today to make this pretty much impossible. I can imagine they would also need to log in to the email accounts for a long time to get the info which makes it even more unlikely.

Onion address:

Sorry if I broke any rules posting this, it’s just a questionthat puzzled me,


I think that depends on what you mean by hacking email addresses. You can use a corpo email for a lot of things. However, lets stay that you just wanna read the email and maybe use it as two factor auth when trying to login to the corpo network.
While you have a bunch of methods, let’s go with a common method: recon and phish. Do recon to see if any of the emails you are looking, or others of the same owners, for have been in data breaches. Conduct recon on the email address owners. Sometimes it easier to get into a personal email and then use that to get into a corpo one. Finally, a well crafted spear phishing email tailored to the target might do the trick to grab creds. Alot of us forget that social engineering and OSINT can do worlds for access.

sorry man
for the mailbox you will show, i will identify the target mail server and
I will spend my days reviewing 10 thousands of codes and catching weakness code lines, and you will give $100. You will pull all emails and sell them to others. not enough for that.

My advice to you,
go across the building.
Point the long range wifi adapter at the building break the wpa.
Make man in the middle attacks over wifi, capture email logins, it will be easier, maybe you will get server passwords as well.

Send mail to the bank as if it is coming from the financial department,
If you catch 1 sample mail, all of them are in the same format.

Add it yourself to the email containing the bank account list of the employees and the list of amounts payable, transfer money to btc and get lost. it nice ha?
and all for $ 100.

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