Java for security

Hey there all !
Ive been pentesting for a while doing HTB and other CTF’s i studied the basics of python and now im interesting of learning more code more deeply and i decided to go learn java
What do you think ? Would it help on the road to cybersec ? How much is it usefull ? Would it help on job applience ?


I can’t comment on Java because I do not know it. However it seems to be a widely used language all around the globe and thus it’s good for getting a job.

I however recommend that you learn C/C++, it’s great for learning more about security and the job market is also pretty damn big. In my observations C/C++ seems to be more widely used than Java.

However learning a programming language and mastering it is the most important step, no matter which language.


I agree with @c0wm1lk , Java is widely used, especially in older desktop applications, so if you can read it, it’s great, you might spot some issues in the source code, but what I can see, is people are moving away from Java, it’s not considered trendy these days (on android it’s Kotlin - which is amazing btw - web is dominated by javascript, with php, javascript, python or rarely java backends).

C/C++ is in my opinion well paying, and is good for practicing security related stuff. PHP is also good for security, it’s still very common (statistics say around 40-50% of web), and often contains issues you can exploit.

In general, I think the key is to know the basics of programming, and then check out different languages to get familiar with the syntax. From there, with the help of Google, you’ll be fine with almost any language.

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Can we just… not use Java? Can we bury it already?

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