Join the 0x00sec HackTheBox Team today!


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We now have a newly created 0x00sec team on HackTheBox.

Direct message me on 0x00sec or join #htb on IRC and leave a message with the regulars if you want to be added to the team.


  • You cannot join more than one team on HTB
  • There is zero entry requirements to join our team. Just being an 0x00sec member is enough for me <3
  • There’s no rank you must reach before joining
  • The invitation is accepted from your team settings page
  • You must have an account on HTB to get an invite, this isn’t a case of me creating one for you

P.S. Gonna use this opportunity to mention that I’m not a huge fan of the write-ups for HTB published here because it means people can just blindly follow the steps and not understand what’s atually happening but still reap the rewards. At least with a team we can have points of contact to help folk root the boxes on their own by giving hints.

Also it’ll be nice if we gain lots of fake internet points and get on the team leaderboard.

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HackTheBox Weekly Challenge - Waldo

Ya not looking for hand outs, reason i am on HTB is to sharpen my skills and keep me active

obviously i wont turn down flags/walk trough/hints/tips


Sure… that’s perfect!

(Hiep Dang) #4

is there any slot for me?

(Zain) #5

Just create a account and send a PM to @0x6e756c6c on here or on the IRC.


What level do you need to be to be added to team?

do you need to be a “hacker” already or can u join at any rank??

also I have HTB group on FB “Hackthebox”

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There’s no requirements of any sort. Literally as simple as pinging me with your HTB nick and I will add it to the team. You should then see an invite in your account settings and it’s done.

Note: There is no time requirement either. I will be happy to add people ad infinitum.

(Awesomeaakash) #8

if someone already in team then can he also join another team like yours ?

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It seems not unfortunately.


you are only permitted to be on 1 team at a time


sent request via irc.

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You sure @tails? I don’t remember receiving a request from you?


weird. Ok, my HTB user is ‘tails’

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Invite done been sent

(Zain) #15

I’m thinking of creating a IRC channel for this except I don’t want to be OP… lol. @0x6e756c6c should be the OP since he is the creator of this thread (I also don’t know how to setup the IRC channel). Will talk to fraq about this being a potential and will update in the comments of this thread if I do create a IRC channel. Stay tuned.

Update: It turned out very easy to register the channel. If anyone would like to join, please join #htb at

With that being said, ~Cheers!

–Techno Forg–


Hello, I am a newcomer to HTB and have already received the invitation code. Can I join the team?

(Thomas) #17

Is it possible to join a team if I already have created one ?

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I’m going to re-edit the Original post as these questions have been sent quite a bit.


My username is dd404x. Very happy to join the team

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For future reference y’all can just PM me but this invite been sent.