Knowing they're being haxed?

Hello 0x00sec… I’ve ran into a really suspicious process that I’m asking for help with. Ok so, here goes my rant…

Basically I’ve found a IP with FTP open and decided to boot in Kali (Yeah I know, I’m a scrub). Seeing if I can crack a login with Medusa since Hydra sucks. Now everything and I mean everything is filtered according to Nmap. Which is weird since the other day it was open. What exactly could be happening here? Could my IP be blocked or worse case scenario, could they know that they’re being haxed? I never had this happen before and I admit, I’m a n00b with this. lol.

Any help is appreciated and if this gets closed/destroyed and yes I’m looking at you @pry0cc, I understand.

What is your nmap command? It could be that your IP got blocked, suricata/snort/other things could block your IP after you’ve done a scan, it’s very possible. Try tor or a vpn?

I will try ToR/VPN, but it is showing up as filtered. So I don’t know. Proxychains still returns filtered with Nmap but that could be because it’s proxychains. I will try to use AnonSurf using ParrotSec to see what happens.

Btw, my command is: nmap -sV -A -Pn -p 21,22 (IP)

I believe so. I honestly don’t remember. Gonna test out several theories that I have first before I go to the extreme. I just hope they didn’t check their logs… lol. I’ve made A LOT of noise.

Oh, almost forgot, FIN scan returns open|filtered. So I know it’s open just filtered.

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